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Version: v1.27.0

Building from source

The Nethermind's source code can be obtained from our repository on GitHub:

git clone --recursive

There are two options buiding Nethermind from source code:

Building standalone binaries


To build Nethermind from source, install .NET SDK 8 or later.


To build both the client and tests, run the following command from the project's root directory:

dotnet build src/Nethermind/Nethermind.sln -c release

To simply run the client with a specific configuration without building tests, see below.


Before running the client or tests, ensure the platform-specific prerequisites are met.


Nethermind can be launched immediately without compiling explicitly (thus, the previous step can be skipped). The following command builds Nethermind if needed and runs it:

cd src/Nethermind/Nethermind.Runner
dotnet run -c release -- -c mainnet

All Nethermind-specific parameters can be specified after --. For instance, the command above specifies the Mainnet configuration only.

The build artifacts can be found in the src/Nethermind/artifacts/bin/Nethermind.Runner/release directory. By default, the logs and database directories are located here as well.

For more info, see Running Nethermind.


There are two test suites — Nethermind and Ethereum Foundation. Tests can be run with the following commands (the initial step of the build is not required):

cd src/Nethermind

# Run Nethermind tests
dotnet test Nethermind.sln -c release

# Run Ethereum Foundation tests
dotnet test EthereumTests.sln -c release

Bulding Docker image

To build Nethermind Docker image, run the following command from the project's root directory:

docker build -t nethermind .

For more info about running Docker containers, see Installing Nethermind.