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Version: v1.27.0

Introduction and overview

Nethermind is a high-performance, highly configurable Ethereum execution client built on .NET that runs on Linux, Windows, and macOS and supports Clique, Aura, and Ethash. With breakneck sync speeds and support for external plugins, it provides reliable access to rich on-chain data thanks to a high-performance JSON-RPC interface and node health monitoring with Grafana and Seq.

Founded in 2017 and boosted by a grant from the Ethereum Foundation in 2018, we focus on delivering a robust Ethereum client, ensuring outstanding performance and flexibility for node operators.

Here, you'll find instructions on installing, configuring, and using Nethermind and its features. We've organized the information by topic and included examples and visuals for better understanding.

We hope you find this documentation helpful and welcome your feedback and suggestions!