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Version: v1.23.0

This article requires a revision.

Setting up local Metrics infrastructure

Metrics Configuration

Nethermind metrics can be consumed by Prometheus/Grafana if configured in Metrics configuration category.

Metrics infrastructure

Enabling Metrics in Nethermind

Metrics can be enabled by simply passing --Metrics.Enabled true argument to the Docker containers,Nethermind.Runner or Nethermind.Launcher e.g. ./Nethermind.Runner --Metrics.Enabled true.

Metrics.PushGatewayUrl will need to be amended if pushgateway endpoint is not default.

Running sample configuration

git clone
  1. go to metrics-infrastructure directory
cd metrics-explanation-infrastructure
  1. run docker stack
docker-compose up -d
  1. run the Nethermind node with Metrics enabled and you should see metrics inflowing on Pushgateway url

You can add nethermind service to the docker-compose.yml file so that it runs with the whole stack

image: nethermind/nethermind
container_name: nethermind
restart: unless-stopped
command: '--config goerli --Metrics.Enabled true'
network_mode: host
- ./nethermind_db/:/nethermind/nethermind_db/
- ./keystore/:/nethermind/keystore/
- ./logs/:/nethermind/logs/
./Nethermind.Runner --Metrics.Enabled true


  1. open Grafana url and login with default login (admin) and password (admin), skip password change if you want

  • you can now explore metrics and monitor your Nethermind node

Useful Resources