Running the Provider
  • Download the NDM package from the discord

  • Run Consumer node:

    ndm.launcher.exe (Windows) ndm.launcher.command (MacOs) ndm.launcher (Linux).

  • Select Provider

  • Select the network

Connect to the network


VIA Proxy

  • Select Ropsten [VIA Proxy] and enter the proxy endpoint.

for example:



  • Select xDai network. Default sync type is fast sync.

  • Wait for the sync to complete (~1 hour)

VIA Proxy

  • Select xDai [VIA Proxy] and enter the proxy endpoint


If you don't have an account, you can create one using the modal that will appear at the start. Or you can use your existing account. See more.


If you can use Get ETH contact with us on Discord.


If you can use Get ETH using Ramp Network. See more.

Creating the data asset

  • To create a data asset click ‘+’ button.

  • Complete all the fields with correct data.

  • Example

  • Click "Create" button and create the data asset.

  • Remember to change data asset state from "Unpublished" to "Publish" if you want it to be visible to consumers.

You can also test the whole flow of NDM by yourself. All you need to do is:

  • Run Provider with nethermind.launcher.

  • Run Consumer with nethermind.launcher.

  • You will have two consoles and two UIs (one for provider and one for consumer).

  • If needed - change client type - select the correct button in the right top corner on UI.

  • Connect them with each other. See connecting with consumers and connecting with providers.

  • Create data asset as provider.

  • Make a deposit as consumer

  • Consume the data as consumer.

Voilà! :)