Beta testing NDM

Running Consumer

Ropsten chain

  • In the console choose Consumer then - Ropsen or if you want to use proxy - Ropsten [via proxy] and confirm the proxy endpoint.

for example:

xDai chain

  • In the console chose Consumer then xDai network. Default sync type is fast sync.

  • Wait for the sync to complete (~1 hour)



If you don't have an account, you can create one using the modal that will appear at the start. Or you can use your existing account. See more.

Then you can use Get ETH using Ramp Network. See more.

Playing with data assets

After that, you will have an electron app and cosnole running. By default, you will have our Provider node added in the static-nodes file so you will be already connected to one. If you don't see any data assets - don't worry, they will appear after a while.

You will see a couple of data assets. For example Crypto Compare Web Api or Nethermind Tx Stream.

  • Continue by placing a deposit with the unit number of your choice.

Data assets view (you will have more data assets avaliable to consume)
  • After you make a deposit go to the Deposits tab.

When the deposit is unclonfirmed, please wait patiently for block confirmations.

Once the deposit has been confirmaed, feel free to open a data stream.

Deposits view
  • After clicking the Open data stream button, you will be redirected to a view where you can enter requested query/stream parameters (if required) to receive the data.

Consumed data stream from Crypto Compare Web Api

Queries examples for Crypto Compare Web Api

data/news/feeds data/exchange/histoday?tsym=USD&limit=1 data/top/exchanges/full?fsym=BTC&tsym=USD data/symbol/histoday?fsym=BTC&tsym=USD&limit=1