MEV Plugin

Nethermind MEV Plugin
With the Nethermind MEV Plugin, you will be able to mine MEV blocks the same way as mev-geth. Furthermore, since our client supports a wide range of consensus mechanisms, we will be able to bring fair and democratized MEV extraction to more chains than ever before.
Initially, Nethermind MEV Plugin only works for mining blocks on xDai with the xdai_pruned_mev.cfg or xdai.cfg config files.
xdai_pruned_mev is basically a copy of xdai_pruned config. The only addition to this configuration is the MevConfig which consists of 3 settings such as:
  • Enabled- turns on/off the MEV Plugin within the Nethermind client
  • MaxMergedBundles- represents the maximum bundles that can be included in a single block. The client will produce and compare several blocks, with the number of bundles ranging from 0 to MaxMergedBundles, and select the most profitable one.
  • BundlePoolSize- a maximum number of MEV bundles that can be kept in memory by clients