Launching Nethermind via Nethermind.Launcher

We will explain the process of launching Nethermind on the example of Goerli Testnet.
  • After launching Nethermind via ./Nethermind.Launcher choose node to start first.
Nethermind.Launcher initial options
  • First select Ethereum Node and then Goerli (light Clique testnet)
Network options
  • In this example we will select Fast Sync mode. If you are curious about other modes, click here: sync modes.
Selecting Fast sync option
  • Ensure that JSON RPC is enabled by typing yand pressing enter
  • Press enter to skip setting up Host IP will be set as default
If not running local, you may need to change the Host value to the VM public IP address.
Enabling JSON RPC via Nethermind.Launcher
  • Skip the ethstats registration by typing N and pressing enter.
EthStats configuration skip
Last step of Nethermind.Launcher runs Nethermind.Runner.
If you're not in the directory where Netheremind.Runner is, you'll get the error:
There was an error when starting ./Nethermind.RunnerError: spawn ./Nethermind.Runner ENOENT
You can run Nethermind.Runner for Goerli testnet with:
nethermind --config goerli