Download Docker Image

To download the latest Debian biased Nethermind image run the following command.
docker pull nethermind/nethermind
If you are looking for a specific release you can add the version number as a tag and docker will pull the correct image. Ex. "I want the Nethermind 1.13.4 Image"
docker pull nethermind/nethermind:1.13.4
Currently Nethermind only supports images for AMD64 and ARM64 CPU architectures.

Building Docker Image

You are also able to build Docker images from source. The Dockerfile can be found in the repository root and it currently uses the power of multi-arch builds:
First you will need to clone the Nethermind repo and enter the nethermind directory.
git clone --recursive
cd nethermind
Then run the build command:
docker buildx build --platform=linux/amd64 -t nethermind .
Finally run the following command to see if your image was built correctly:
docker run -it nethermind --config goerli
Follow the link for more information on running your node with Docker.