ETH2 issues

Main issues reported so far when using Nethermind for Eth2 (30.11.2020)

  • users who synced before version 1.9.41 and were not aware that old configs were not supporting Eth2 by default had to resync with 1.9.41 (and they are reporting successful setups now)
  • users who synced with AncientReceiptsBarrier (limiting disk space) cannot use Teku and have to switch to Prysm or Lighthouse
  • two users reported that their fully synced nodes on Windows 10 Pro failed after a few blocks (please let us know if you have seen a similar issue)
  • (fixed in 1.9.45) users are reporting issues on a hard shutdown of VMs / machines with Nethermind running - some database corruptions occur often requiring a resync
  • users had trouble to sync node on a ZFS file system but this has been resolved after removing ZFS
  • users reported an issue where RocksDB was displaying a checksum mismatch error in the logs -> restarting a VM (not Nethermind, but the machine) helped
  • if you tried to launch Lighthouse with the old Nethermind (pre 1.9.41) which failed and then resynced Nethermind and you are still getting errors then wiping the Lighthouse DB and starting again will solve it.