Beam wallet


Beam wallet is a simple console application that allows you easily make transactions between two wallets.

To get started you will need:

  • your wallet data:

    • address,

    • passphrase,

    • keystore file,

  • address to which you want to transfer ETH.

Running application

To run application open Nethermind.BeamWallet file.

After that you should be able to see this window:

(Colors of the application may vary from those shown in the pictures - it depends on your command line settings.)

1) The first input is the address of the node that you will connect to. Address of our node is http://localhost:8545 and the value will be already provided.

2) And in the second input you must provide address of your wallet - the one you want to transfer ETH from.

3) Using the TAB key, move to the OK button and press Enter.

After a while caption "Syncing... Please wait for the updated balance." should change to your wallet balance and also the QUIT and TRANSFER buttons will appear. This may take a few minutes.

4) And again, use the TAB key, move to the TRANSFER button and press Enter.

Making transaction

You will see a different window where you can provide data to make the transfer.

5) In the first input provide the address to which you want to send ETH.

6) In the input below enter the value of ETH that you want to transfer.

7) And in the last input enter the passphrase of your wallet.

Before making a transaction make sure that Keystore file of your wallet is located in the keystore folder. It is necessary to properly unlock your account before sending the transaction. Otherwise unlocking your account will be failed.

8) Move to the TRANSFER button and press ENTER. (This is not the last step, you will be asked to confirm the transaction.)

9) After that, a modal with summary of the transaction will appear. Confirm (or not) sending the transaction.

The steps that will be taken to send the transaction will be listed below.