Migrating From Geth

Nethermind makes migrating from Geth quick and painless.
Nethermind has the same critical RPC methods as Geth does
Snap Sync is enabled by default on Geth majority networks as of Nethermind v1.13.0 and takes less than 4 hours to sync to Mainnet using less than 100 GB.

1. Uninstall Geth

The first step is to uninstall Geth and delete the .ethereum directory.
Unless set a custom location the.ethereum directory is the only place where Geth stores data.

2. Install Nethermind

There are many ways to install Nethermind choose the option the best suits your needs

3. Launch Nethermind

Nethermind requires a --config file that gives you the ability to customize every module to suit your needs.
The official mainnet config will work fine for most people.
Local Build
./Nethermind.Runner --config mainnet
nethermind --config mainnet
nethermind --config mainnet
docker run -it nethermind/nethermind --config mainnet
cd Nethermind.Runner
dotnet run -c Release -- --config mainnet

The Merge

The shift from PoW to PoS (aka the merge) will be here before you know it. Take some time to learn how running Nethermind changes post merge