Networks currently supported by Nethermind Client
By default Nethermind launches with mainnet network configuration, but it is possible to sync other networks by adding a command line switch:
--config [NETWORK_NAME]
Network name can be any of the following
  • mainnet
  • goerli
  • sepolia
  • gnosis
  • poacore
  • energyweb
  • volta
  • kovan (only fast sync and may fail if pWASM transactions appear)


This is the main Ethereum network. It can be run using config below and this is default setting - mainnet will run if --config is not specified as well.
Nethermind.Runner --config mainnet

Görli (goerli)

This is a Clique-PoA based testnet supported by all major clients. It has 15 seconds between blocks that are sealed by Goerli validators.
Nethermind.Runner --config goerli