A list of properites to adjust Nethermind Node configuration
There are three ways of configuring Nethermind node. They are presented below in the reversed order of priorities (if you set the same property in the config file, in the environment variable and in the command line then the command line value will be used).

Config file

Change the configuration properties in the .cfg file of the network configuration you wish to run. Each .cfg file with the default setup is attached to Nethermind packages and can be found in configs folder.

Environment variables

The last way is to set the values in the environment variables, e.g. set NETHERMIND_INITCONFIG_PROCESSINGENABLED = false

Command line options

Another way is to setup each configuration property by passing flags to either Nethermind.Runner or Nethermind.Launcher. You can see the list of all config option by running ./Nethermind.Runner --help For example:
./Nethermind.Runner --config ropsten --JsonRpc.Enabled true --Init.ProcessingEnabled false
When passing a flag, each property needs to be prefixed with its respective Module, followed by the property name and its value e.g --Init.IsMining true
Use / as the path separator so the configs can be shared between all platforms supported (Linux, Windows, MacOS).
--config, --baseDbPath,--datadir, --loggerConfigSource, --log and --configsDirectoryoptions are available from the command line to select config file, base DB directory prefix and log level respectively.


Usage: --datadir or -dd
You may want to use this option to store all data that the node produces in a custom directory. The --datadir (-dd) changes paths of database, logs, keystoreto the target directory. You can specify either relative or absolute paths, e.g.
--datadir data
--datadir /home/user/nethermind/data
--datadir ./data
Absolute paths of Init.BaseDbPath, Init.LogDirectory orKeyStore.KeyStoreDirectoryin config file will not be overwritten by --datadir


Usage: --baseDbPath or -d
Configures the path of the Nethermind's database folder. Is equal to setting --Init.BaseDbPath parameter.
--baseDbPath /home/user/my_node/db


Usage: --config ****or ****-c
Determines the configuration file of the network on which Nethermind will be running.
--config xdai
More on that:


Usage: --log ****or ****-l
Changes the logging level.
--log DEBUG
More on that:


Usage: --configsDirectory or -cd
Changes the source directory of your configuration files.
--configsDirectory /home/user/my_configs


Usage: --loggerConfigSource or -lcs
Changes the path of the NLog.config file.
--loggerConfigSource /home/user/NLog.config
More on that: