Connecting to Nethermind hosted Seq and Grafana

Get in touch with the Nethermind team - you will receive and Send us your Grafana Labs login:

(1) seq host

(2) seq API key

(3) Prometheus URL

In the cfg file edit:

"Metrics": { "NodeName": "[chooseNameForYourNode]", "Enabled": true, "PushGatewayUrl": "[PrometheusURL]", "IntervalSeconds": 30 },

In the NLog.config file edit:

<target xsi:type="BufferingWrapper" name="seq" bufferSize="1000" flushTimeout="2000">
<target xsi:type="Seq" serverUrl="[seqURL]" apiKey="[seqAPIkey]">
<property name="ThreadId" value="${threadid}" as="number" />
<property name="MachineName" value="${machinename}" />
<property name="Logger" value="${logger}" />
<property name="Exception" value="${exception}" />
<property name="Enode" value="${gdc:item=enode}" />
<property name="Chain" value="${gdc:item=chain}" />
<property name="ChainID" value="${gdc:item=chainId}" />
<property name="Engine" value="${gdc:item=engine}" />
<property name="NodeName" value="${gdc:item=nodeName}" />
<logger name="*" minlevel="Info" writeTo="seq" />